We were approached by Jake Bugg and his management to create a sleeve and a visual campaign for his third album (which was eventually titled On My One). His two previous (and hugely successful) albums had featured photos of the man himself, but this time he wanted to give the album an image of its own – one that featured art – and that became our starting point. It’s been a great pleasure working with one of the most affable, laid-back and talented music artists of recent times. The sleeves we have arrived at as a result of our collaboration with Jake and the artist we introduced him too have made increasing sense the more we have gotten to know him. While Jake himself keeps his head down and gets on with his preferred occupation of playing music, the sleeves do the screaming on his behalf, and it’s gratifying to see a campaign unfold that surprises those familiar with Jake and his music and slaps them around the face in the process.

We’ve extended the vibrant spontaneous look of On My One into print and online marketing, merchandise, live show design and premium packaging for the collector’s box set, which also includes artprints of Nathan Pendlebury’s original paintings.

We’ve loved being involved in this work and are also looking forward to the publication of a lavish coffee table book of Kevin Westenberg’s photographs of Jake, which we have also designed.