Twenty Five years ago we were asked by Food Records boss Dave Balfe to see his new band Blur playing at a college gig, where the four members paraded themselves in a confusing but engaging melange of post-punk swagger and floppy-haired baggy sensibility, with the lead singer adding a dangerously unshoegazey propensity for climbing over speaker cabinets and lighting trusses, seemingly intent on self destruction. The brief to us was to distill whatever this band embodied into a logo. At this point I should say that Mr. Balfe has an insatiably demanding character – many months of creative deliberation, toying with pop art, psychedelia and photocopied punk design experimentation ended when we finally came to the conclusion that what the band needed was to be presented in a (probably ironic) way like more of a user-friendly household product rather than the coolest band in town. The logo beget the first album sleeve and so on. Stylorouge designed the first four Blur album sleeves and accompanying singles packaging and tour publicity, as well as a generous amount of special releases for foreign territories. We include them in our work showcase herewith due to the more recent work we have done for their reunion gigs and associated merchandise. The years immediately following Blur’s emergence brought a huge amount of Britpop interest to Stylorouge, and for that we shall remain eternally grateful…


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